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    GML / ESRI import, manipulate and export to 3D print formats (STL etc)



      Newbie here. I'm looking for a solution to import third party geospatial data from mapping providers (eg. UK Ordnance Survey) which is normally available in GML format. I want to overlay the data with imagery and export to a 3D print provider, probably in STL format. Typical uses are for architects and planners to have a 3D printed model to see the impact of development upon surrounding land owners etc..

      Autocad can partially help and it would seem that Adobe CC can also partially help ...unless I am missing something. Recommendations for choice of (Adobe) software much appreciated. Seems impossible to speak to a sales rep so hopefully you wonderful folk in the Community can assist. Would live to heat from anyone who has anyone experience of this type of project.

      Thanks in advance