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    artefacts in hdr image


      hello all together.


      I have stitched together three pictures to form an hdr image with lightroom 6. now there are iridescent artifacts which occur all over the whole picture when I display the hdr in photoshop bridge (see attachement left side). Opening the picture in camera raw for further editing the artifacts first are shown but immediately disappear then (attachement right side). It looks like camera raw activates a color profile which regulates the display and which is not active in bridge. Does anyone know what the reason for the incorrect display in bridge is?







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          Tanja2014 Level 3

          i can only advice you to get a real HDR program.


          lightrooms pano and HDR feature are very basic. i  guess they are made for the facebook and selfie crowd.


          i have tested both features a lot after v6 came out but they are no competition to dedicated tools for HDR or panoramas.


          thought this posterization problem maybe has to do with you bridge color/image quality settings.

          if it´is a DNG then bridge will maybe only show the embedded preview image.

          don´t use bridge and rarely ever touched it.... so i can´t say for sure.