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    How do I work entirely in Adobe RGB?

    cwcsdc Level 1

      I’m creating a document that will be printed on an Epson 3880 photo printer on photo paper

      at 360 dpi.  Placed images will come from Photoshop, where I work exclusively in Adobe RGB.

      How do I keep InDesign from converting these images to CMYK, then back to RGB when I print?

      Also, I want to have the Adobe RGB color gamut available for text and other content
      that I create in InDesign.


      In Color Settings, I have the RGB color space set to Adobe RGB, and RGB Color Management

      set to Convert to Working Space.  Will this keep the placed Adobe RGB images from being converted?


      Also, when I set a color outside the CMYK gamut for text or other InDesign content,

      can I ignore the gamut warning and be sure that color will be sent to the printer? 


      Thanks in advance.