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    Conditional sum field with checkboxes


      I'm trying to create a conditional total field in a PDF form I am creating that will only add the cost to the total ONLY IF the checkbox is marked.  Another caveat to this is on one of the fields (# of Monitors) I'm wanting to multiply by the notes field, which is a mandatory number field on this. 


      Each of these are select____


      Here are all the full field names (going down the sheet):

      Select boxes:

      • selectiPhone
      • selectSwipe
      • selectMonitor
      • selectDesktop
      • selectLaptop
      • selectiPadCell
      • selectiPad
      • selectPhone


      Cost fields:

      • CostiPhone
      • CostSwipe
      • CostMonitor
      • CostDesktop
      • CostLaptop
      • CostiPadCell
      • CostiPad
      • CostPhone


      The only notes field that will calculate into this is "NotesComputer Monitor  in notes".


      Then add them all into TOTAL COST


      Please see below for the screenshot.