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    Importing NEF files via cable - stopped working?

    Steveatesh Level 1

      I first purchased LR 5 at the beginning of this year, then upgraded to LR 6. I use a iMac Retina now on El Capitan. My camera is a D5100 Nikon.


      When i first started using LR5 import was easy - connected the camera via the USB cable, went to import, filled in what I wanted and voila, photos would be imported into LR.


      At first LR 6 and then LR 6.1.1 was the same but occasionally it would hang and not import photos, just the grey screen for ages.


      Now, on LR 6.1.1 it just doesn't want to import via the cable at all. It sees the images on my camera and some of the thumbnails are visible whilst others say "Preview Not Available for this Image". It successfully picks up all images, I complete my keywords and folders etc but when i click Import, again it just hangs, for ages. No photos are imported.


      i've checked by using the SD card instead, and it does import them from the SD card, so something to do with the USB cable.


      My brief try with LR 6.2 was no better (I went back to 6.1.1 after all the crashes, awaiting 6.2 to be fixed)


      I understand this is a fairly frequent issue here? if so has there been a fix or workaround, I'd much rather just connect the USB cable that take out the SD card overtime I have new photos.


      Any advice on settings, or anything else to make this work via cable appreciated, thanks.