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    Updated to CC 2015.2 and now Auto-tone on import makes all my images solid black and nothing fixes it, what can I do?


      Having a bit of a strange problem with the update, I’ve tried posting to the bug forum but I got no responses on the initial post in over 12 hours. I work in a nightclub, so I tend to let “Auto-Tone” do a lot of the work for me, since I have to process anywhere up to 400 images per night. After I updated to the new version, I’ve encountered a very very strange problem. When I import my images from my camera (D610), auto-tone turns the images to complete blackness by dragging the exposure slider all the way to the left. Where it gets weird is, no matter what I do (drag slider back up to the right..etc..) nothing gets my images back from that complete blackness. I’ve tried everything I can think of, I’ve updated my display drivers, I’ve disabled GPU acceleration, I’ve re-enabled it, I’ve updated ACR, I’ve rolled back my display drivers, I’ve disabled all plugins, I’ve even gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom. Nothing works. It’s getting rather frustrating and I can’t find any solutions no matter where I look.


      Details: AMD A8 clocked at 4.3ghz, AMD R7-300 GPU, 16GB RAM (DDR3), Windows 10 Professional (never had any problems with this).


      UPDATE: Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I updated Lightroom on my laptop which runs completely different specs, and low and behold...same problem. So it's definitely Lightroom and not my system that's at fault.