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    Can I add a timer feature to my coldfusion site?


      I have a site built in coldfusion.  I want to add a feature to the site where the user can click a button and be directed to a page, when the new page opens a timer would start and when the user leaves that page then the timer would stop.  This would basically track the amount of time the user (a member of my organization) spent on this page.  Is it possible to add a timer feature like this to my site?

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          EddieLotter Level 4

          This would have to be done on the client side, which means using JavaScript.


          You don't actually need a timer, but you will have to notify the server when the user arrives on the page and when they leave. You would put the code in the onload() and onunload() events of the body element.

          For modern browsers you could use WebSockets. For older browsers you could use Ajax.