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    Lightroom Wireless Sync between 2 Macs


      Does any of my fellow Photographers & Designers know if Adobe Photoshop Lightroom allows you to wireless be connected from one Catalog to the same Catalog from 2 different computers. What I'm experiencing is this at work i have a LR catalog the all the work i do is on an External Hard drive so when I'm not at the office i take the External home and work on my Laptop, the Catalog is the same but the changes if i were to work on one computer is not there on the other its not there. Can it be automatically be linked via the internet since LR has capabilities to sync with the Mobile App such as the iPhone & iPad. Is that same feature available on Mac to Mac  too?




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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Joel, if the catalog is on the external the changes are just in one place and available on any computer the external is plugged in to.

          I have two MBP's and do just that. I wouldn't trust anything on Apple wireless, it is way to flakey... with dropouts, etc.

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            khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi photoswithjoel,



            Currently there is no way to sync catalog between two computers.

            What I do , as I keep my catalog and all my files in an external hard drive.

            When I go open , I open the catalog and and do editing and when I reach office I do the editing on the same catalog that is in the external hard drive.

            Take a proper back up of your catalog to internal hard drive at a certain interval of time as if something happens to the external hard drive , your data  and editing is safe.