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    Keep getting  error 150:30


      Running PS Elements on Win7 64bit on a PC. I have tried various fixes recommended on the forum but I'm not confident in my ability to follow all the instructions.  Why cannot I just get Adobe to let me download the whole program again.  Also I note that it's virtually impossible for me to contact them direct.   I almost gave up and went to buy the upgrade - but why pay for something that went wrong.  So one last try for a solution.

      Any help really appreciated.


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          First, we need to know what program you are working with - Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements, what version - on Windows 7 64 bit.


          If you have the purchased serial number and an Adobe ID and password, there should be no reason why you cannot download new installation files from at least 2 websites, Adobe Other Downloads, and other web site.

          Adobe Other Downloads

          Other downloads


          Error 150:30 is a licensing problem.

          Have you gone through the following Adobe document

          Error: "Licensing has stopped working" | Windows


          Even if you were to uninstall the present install and get a new set of installation files, the problem may still exist.


          My suggestion is to read the Adobe document cited, see if you can get the Adobe Licensing Repair Tool to work for you, and then let us know the outcome.

          If indicated, tell us what you do not understand in the directions, and we will attempt to walk you through the steps. But, you need to have confidence in yourself and maintain that can do thought.


          Just a reminder, this is not Adobe, rather user to user forum. I am a visitor here like yourself who has experience with these program and shares information with troubleshooting assists in the threads.


          We will be watching for your follow up as your schedule permits and am ready to clarify anything written to get you moving forward with your Premiere Elements projects.