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    menuitem event

      hi to all,

      can anyone inform me how to dynamically invoke a function from its signature as a string?

      i have something like this;

      <mx:MenuBar width="100%" labelField="@label" cornerRadius="5" itemClick="MenuItemClick(event)">
      <menuitem label="File" click="File_Click" />

      then i would have this

      import mx.controls.Menu;
      import mx.events.MenuEvent;

      private function MenuItemClick(event:MenuEvent):void {

      var str:String = event.item.@click;
      // call the function str() where str is the @click property of the event.item object

      i would also like to know how to pass in parameters to the function i will invoke like if the menuitem is toggled or not

      can anyone help please?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Perhaps the techniques discussed in this article might help:

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            ntsiii Level 3
            Though probably not. There is not really a way to directly do what you ask. ActionScript does not now and never has fully supported the JavaScript "eval()" function.

            Perhaps you should back up a bit and tell us what you are trying to do, maybe we can suggest some approaches.

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              g00fymad Level 1
              Hi and thanks for the reply.

              My background is C# and java although I have done quite a bit of Actionscript lately.
              What i have is a menu and from that menu i want to call a function for each item, but rather that just listening to the itemclick event and then using item indexes in a switch{case} to goto each function, I thought i would be a little smarter and just tag the function name for each item onto that item in the xml. So when the item is clicked I have access to what function i want to call, but it is only a String. In c# I could actually activate this function from its signature, something which i cannot find in actionscript.

              I currently have it implemented using the indexing method described above, but as the menu grows the code gets ugly, which i don't want

              I will aslo need to be able to add items to the menus dynamically, which i can do, but i also need to tag a function to that item when it is added, and the function is obviously created dynamically as well for those items.

              hope this clears things up
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                ntsiii Level 3
                Right, you can't do that directly in AS.

                We use a two step process. First, we take the string representation of some user created function and generate a string that is a full mxml component, that includes the user defined function in it.

                Then we use that component in the app and can access the functions.

                I don't think this will help you though.

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                  ur_dtrain Level 1
                  You might try casting your returned string as a Function(), then using the call() method. Something like this perhaps:


                  baseObj would be where the function is defined, baseObj[myString] references the function, but it might be returned as a generic object, therefore the cast to Function(). The 'null' implies to call the function itself from baseObj, instead of redirecting.

                  Like to hear if this works.