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    How do I reassign my default program as 2015 for .indd files while still having 2014 installed?


      So I installed the CC 2015 about a month and half ago, and let it uninstall previous versions like it wanted to. Since then, I have been experiencing SERIOUS problems in InDesign 2015 (lots of corrupted files, crashing, etc. etc. etc. - same as everyone else here), so I went ahead and reinstalled 2014 *just in case*. However, now that I have reinstalled 2014, it is my default open program for all .indd files. Right click->open with doesn't recognize version 2015 as an option, even when I try to Browse to the 2015 .exe file. Have searched the community posts for solutions, and am now in my Registry Editor under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, except InDesign doesn't seem to appear under Applications like the other Adobe programs do... Help???