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    Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata mac <-> pc


      The catalog previews are not the same structure on both computers.

      My home comp is a pc and my laptop is a mac.

      I want to keep both in sync using FreeFileSync and a usb drive.

      The snag is the difference in the Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata folder on the pc and the file on the pc.

      I do not want to rebuild my previews every time I switch computers.

      Any hints or is this just how it's gonna be?

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi seanruddy,


          You can keep the Catalog and the previews.lrdata folder with images on an external drive and use them back and forth between both computers.




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            seanruddy Level 1

            Thanks, but I want to copy them to the internal hd on both.  The utility I'm using will reload the whole previews file folder.  I'm anticipating trouble in that the mac probably wont read the PC version and same for the reverse direction. I guess I just do it and hope it works.

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              sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Lightroom Catalog and Previews folder are designed to work irrespective of the operating system.It should work in both of the system.


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                seanruddy Level 1

                You are correct  sarsaxen I was concerned as they look so different on the two computers but lr seems to be reading them just fine on the trip from the pc to the mac.

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                  seanruddy Level 1

                  Here is my workflow with FreeFileSync | Free Backup and File Synchronization Software

                  FreeFileCopySync with Lighroom

                  Works on mac and windows. I'm using the 64bit version on win 10 and the mac version on osx Yosemite.

                  This is to maintain full copies on both systems ( I have just under 1TB in lightroom).


                  Use FreeFileSync to copy files from my raid drive (and the catalog and previews c which is flash) to another backup drive in the pc box.

                  That way I have 4 directories in one parent directory "LR"

                  -the library of raw files

                  -the catalog and previews

                  -the catalog Backups

                  -the LRplugins


                  I use the mirror option as I am not sure about how the two way works and I do not want to end up with a bunch of duplicates.

                  That first copy is fast sata to sata.

                  Then from that backup I mirror copy to a usb drive to sneaker net the whole thing over to the laptop.

                  Then I run a file copy mirror to the directory on the mac.

                  run lightroom and find the lost files. They are not lost is just that I can't mach paths on the Mac and the PC.



                  Then when i am on the road with my laptop I have the  whole catalog with me.  Any changes I make deletion, addition and adjustments will get mirror copied back on to the desktop.


                  Mirror copy back onto the usb ->backup drive in pc -> catalog with previews to it's spot on c and library and the other files back on to the raid.


                  I know it sounds complex but now that I have made the round trip it is not you can setup little scripts in filecopysync just make sure you are going the correct way!  I also have that many more spots where my files live so backups are part of the workflow.  I do make other backups as well.


                  This saves a lot of time as it takes a long time to copy a terabyte on to and off of a USB.  I'm just copying the used files.