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    ADOBE does it again - ADE 4.5 not ready for prime time!


      ADE 4,? was working fine, with a hundred books all in neat categories, and cross-categories, and then i make the mistake of assenting to "upgrade to version 4.5"

      Day One: The installation went fine and i was able to download books from my local library, but several time it crashed after downloading, or wouldn't download a book at all.

      Day Two: Now, finally, i open ADE and all my books are gone, no categories, and it won;t download or connect to any of my library servers anymore.

      It won't open the books that are downloaded, saying they are already in the library, even though i've already deleted the manifest.xml for each of them.


      Once again, ADOBE messes with us guinea-pigs.!


      INTEL i7

      Win 10