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    Edge Crashed, Can't open files because of JS error


      Hi there, I was just finishing up an edge portfolio website and had a crash that seems to have made the file unreadable in Edge Animate. I keep getting the error "Loading Failed, please check your page for JavaScript errors." It works fine when I open the main HTML page in dreamweaver, but I have some editing I still need to do to make it final. The last thing I was working on was adding a video, and strangely enough when I load it in Dreamweaver the video seems to already be at the halfway point. I don't know if that helps at all. Anyways, I've loaded everything into a zip and uploaded it onto WeTransfer if someone wouldn't mind taking a look. I'd really appreciate it! I tried looking through the edge.js and edge_actions.js files to see if there were any extra characters added (As a similar post seems to have shown this to sometimes be the case), but I am not code savvy enough to determine whether it's happened here and couldn't find any obvious errors.


      Here's the wetransfer link: WeTransfer


      Thanks for your time!