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    unlock code for adobe photoshop album reader 3.2

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      I accidentally uploaded my ipad photos onto my friend's old Adobe photoshop album reader 3.2. I need a code to unlock but it says it was discontinued in 2009. I can't transfer them to a jump drive or even delete them. It is jamming up his hard drive and I feel terrible. How do I fix this?

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          If anyone is still having trouble getting a pass code for Adobe Photoshop starter edition 3.0 you will need to contact their CSR directly at 1-800-833-6687.  I just called I spoke with a Rep. by the name of Jess she is a female she was very helpful and polite.  What they will need is your contact info. and your email address so they can manually find your starter account in their system.  Then they will issue you a code to unlock the system to retrieve your locked pictures.


          You don't need to register becasue Adobe 3.0 is no longer being used or avaliable.  The new system is Photoshop.com you will need to register for Photoshop.com.  It's simple and free of charge at no cost to you.  What you will need to do once you receive the code is immediately transfer your photos from Adobe 3.0 to Photoshop.com. it will take some time to download but let it run.  Remember this is only a temporary code so it will expire and lock again if it's not used in a timely manner.


          The code I received from Jess was 92c1d14e.  This unlocked my account immediately with no problems.  So I hope this code will work for you.  I don't know if this code will work for others however it doesn't hurt to give it a try.  If not then please call the number above that I've provided you with so one of the Reps. can issue you a code.

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              in case anyone is trying to just get adobe 3.2 working and activated...


              sign up as





              zip 83704

              email: imesh26 AT yahoo DOT com


              then register...let it do its thing which is nothing

              then activate now


              using cf5ed9bd


              this should ungrey the activate now and you should be done.


              then you can use the software.  I used it to ensure I had what I wanted and then moved on to Photoshop Elements.  It is the best way to go.


              this worked on a windows 8.1 machine.

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                Thanks for the info,  I tried to use the information you provided but it did not work. It says the email is not valid, so I tried to enter just the code and apparently it does not work either. I have a phone number to contact a CSR from Adobe and will give them a call tomorrow, hopefully someone there can help me out. I'm sure one of my problems is an outdated browser. My laptop is a 2007 HP and every time I go online it tells me to update my browser, but says I have to pay around $30 for it and I just don't have that amount right now. Anyway, I really appreciate you trying to help me out but, I'm old and not very tech savy so I'll try the number I have and see what happens. Thank you again.



                Brenda Walter

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                  I know my reply is way past due, but I'm really pissed off with the Adobe Company. I tried to use the information you posted, but it did not work, so I've been trying everything I possibly can to get my photos out of the Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.2 and nothing is working. As far as I'm concerned, Adobe has stolen my photos and I have been posting this on Facebook, Twitter, and any other web site I go to as well as all my Friends and Family. When I called to speak with a CSR the first time, they hung up on me. The second call was sent to three different departments before I was told, they had no idea what product I was asking about and what I needed to do was to buy Adobes newest Cloud product and start adding new photos because mine were lost forever. I really appreciate the information this forum has provided for me and I'm sorry none of it worked. Getting my photos out of Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.2 is Adobe's Corporate Office responsability not a forum, especially when the product is outdated and discontinued. I'm going to make sure no one I know ever buy's any products from Adobe. There are several other Companies who provide excellent products and services that accomplish everything Adobe advertises, accept their CSR will answer your question and do everything possible to help with your problem. ADOBE HAS STOLEN MY PHOTOS AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS HAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED WELL ENOUGH TO DO THEIR JOBS OR SPEAK ENGLISH CORRECTLY. I WANT MY PHOTOS, I DEMAND SATISFACTION AND I DEMAND SOMEONE FROM ADOBE TO RESPOND TO ME BY SENDING ME AN EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Brenda Walter