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    Is InDesign what I really want to use


      Hello everyone. Not sure if this where to ask but here goes. I belong to an Alumni Association that is looking to put together an archive book of sorts. Is using InDesign the software I want to use for doing so. The question is still up in the air as far as an actual printing or keeping it in an online form. Im willing to learn the software and dive in head first and give it the good old college try. Ive also heard of possibly using FrameMaker however its not part of the CC suite. Very familiar with the basic of Lightroom and Photoshop but have never used InDesign. Looking to be able to add things as we grow so the book will eventually get larger and larger with photos, video, that sort of thing. Any suggestions? I love the Adobe CC collection and the ability to flow from one product to another so Id love to keep it in the Adobe family of products.




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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          For heavily image filled books, InDesign is the right program. Framemaker is mor text intensive or for manuals (even InDesign's manuals have been made with Frame).

          Both can output to PDF, Frame can also create PDF articles and links to other documents of a book in separate files, InDesign can't do it automatically. Frame is more flexible to different layouts and offers better methods how to use paragraphs than InDesign but needs more time to learn it.

          InDesign can also publish online in HTML5 and a lot of 3rd party plugins might help to perform tasks.


          Both would need to be used together with toher programs to get everything you want, Frame needs the TCS, InDesign need other CC applications.

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            Buck0129 Level 1

            Thanks this is just what I needed to know