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    Hyperlink to PDF Stored in Document Cloud - iOS


      Hi, we're attempting to implement a business process where editable PDF documents are loaded into the Adobe Document Cloud and a hyperlink to the document provided to users on iPads.  Ideally the users would be able to select a hyperlink from a web page loaded in Safari which will a) open the adobe acrobat app and b) open the applicable file from the document cloud.  Our users would then be able to complete the document and resave to the cloud (using the same filename).


      So far I've been able to send a public link to the PDF file to an iPad however this opens in Safari, I can then with the 'Open with' to open the document in Adobe Reader but this copies the file to the local device.  I've been able to manually fill in a PDF stored in the Document Cloud without downloading to the iPad so I know it's possible.  I understand there are specific URL schemes which can force iOS to open an app but I can't identify the correct syntax to achieve the opening of the app and file from document cloud.  Would appreciate any assistance or advice.



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          Abhishamster Level 4



          May I know whether you are trying to edit a PDF file or Fill a PDF Form?


          If in case you are trying to edit text in a PDF file on iPad that is only possible with the Adobe Reader app. This is something which can't be achieved from the web.


          or if you are trying to fill a pdf form which is there on your document cloud storage then you can make use of Fill & Sign service to fill the form.

          But what you are trying to do is not possible with document cloud because the file will be saved with your id.




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            garetht62031064 Level 1

            Thanks for the response Abhishek, we are attempting to fill a PDF form not actually edit the PDF file.


            If we had a 'common' account across multiple users for Document Cloud could we not provide a hyperlink to the file which the iPad user can select to open and fill the PDF?