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    No photos or videos were found to import error message

    ninjapimp Level 1

      After updating to lightroom 2015.2 It has been crashing

      I've made the changes in preferences, add photos, unchecked, graphics card unchecked even deleted my plist file


      I use playmemories to copy pictures from my camera to my folder. than i simply tell LR to sync that folder. problem is, it detects there are 47 images to be synced, i see progress bar...than i get error message saying nothing?


      who to get past this error?

      If I use LR to import my pictures i dont have the same control., it puts them in wrong places, losses fodler structore with dates that the camera generates. i want to keep this, which LR seems to not be able to copy over. hence why i use 3rd party app to copy files and lr to simply sync. been doing it like this for years. now i can't anymore