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    Constant crashing in Premiere Elements 12.1


      Any help appreciated! I am using Premiere Elements 12.1 on a standard iMac with a 2.7 GHz intel core processor; 16GB memory; Intel Iris Pro Graphics & over 930 GB free storage. I started editing a video made solely of stills, no music, liberal use of FX etc and by the third day of working the crashes are frequent and random. I have prefs set to autosave every 5 minutes but unless I manually save, the crashes wipe out over an hour of work. The project settings are PAL (i'm in europe); DSLR 1080p25. I chose this setting w/o knowing much about video but I will be adding an iphone 6 time lapse set at 1080p @ 30fps. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.