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    ACR 9.2 crashing when in ‘Save Options‘ (Graphics Processor Acceleration Disabled)

    Andrew Hobbs

      I’m having crashing problems with ACR 9.2.

      I always start off in Bridge by selecting relevant raw files (usually Canon CR2)

      Then in the the RAW dialogue apply appropriate corrections. Then I select those same multiple images for resizing as jpeg (in the save image>option tab) but ACR just hangs momentarily trying to do it’s job, then crashes.

      This is new to 9.2 and never happened in previous versions, with me anyway…….

      It seems to work on one or two pics, but anymore than that it’s crashola.

      Thought it might be a Bridge issue looking at the ‘force quit‘ window, but tested dropping those same files direct into photoshop with the same issue


      Dialogue box pops up saying (see screen shot):-

      Camera Raw has temporarily disabled

      graphics processor acceleration due to an

      error. Updating the driver of your graphics

      card may resolve the issue.

      Choose the “Use Graphics Processor option“

      in the Camera Raw Preferences dialog to

      re-enable GPU support.


      I run a MacPro (with Mavericks) 3.5 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 with 64GB RAM so it has plenty of grunt.

      The graphic processor is AMD Radeon HD - FirePro D500 OpenGL Engine.

      I’ve tried searching for a ‘driver update‘ for mac for AMD to no avail.

      Anyone having a similar problem?

      Any fixes?

      Any fixes?CameraRawWarning.pngCameraRawPrefsWindow.pngForceQuit.pngSaveOptionsWindow.png