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    does anyone have examples of robohelp output in 2 languages?

    laurabottner Level 1

      I need to set up a RH project for 2 languages. Do I generate 2 separate projects or is it possible for 2 people to use the same output and each do so in their own language? Is there documentation somewhere that explains how to do this? The help within RH was not basic enough for someone who has no idea how to start.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Laura


          As I see it, as far as managing the project goes, you could take two approaches.


          Approach 1 - Two sets of content in the same project


          In this approach, you have a single project and basically two copies of each topic. One in the first language and one in the second. Adding new topics would always involve creating two. One for each language.

          As far as TOC, Index, and Glossary, you would have two of each. One for each language.

          In this approach you might use Conditional Build Tags to produce the output for the desired language.

          As for the outputs, you would either generate twice (once for each language) or if you are using WebHelp, you could use the Dynamic User Centric Content feature (AKA DUCC or Content Categories). In that case, the end user would have the ability to choose the language at will.


          Approach 2 - Two different projects


          In this approach, each language has its own project. And of course, in this approach there will always be separate output files produced. But like most things in this world, you might have an ability to merge the two output files so that they appear as one during runtime by the end viewer.


          So at this point you have to determine how you wish to proceed. Do you want an ability for the end user to be viewing one topic in a particular language, then if they want, shift gears and view in the other language right from where they are? Or should they only have an ability to see one language?


          Cheers... Rick

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            laurabottner Level 1

            WOW!!...thanx so much for an incredibly speedy reply!...it is very much appreciated!




            I spoke to my management team and they have decided Approach 1 is what they are interested in as the users will be of both languages and need to go back and forth between languages…they had some questions however that I could not answer


            Will I have to install language packs of any kind?...if I do, will they affect the other RH projects I already have and want to stay in English only (for now)?




            The initial dual language (Portugese(Brazil) and English) will be in Web Help…how do you set the language that is used initially when the help opens?....and once in you would use DUCC?…do you know of a good  place I could get documentation on DUCC?..




            So now there are 2 copies to keep in sync when changes are made…would you suggest using the track changes to handle that? (which I LOVE btw!)




            Some of our other products use HTML help and not WebHelp…how would that change the approach used?...how does the user choose to go back and forth between languages?




            Again, thanx so much for taking your time to help me