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    Placing Image with Default Object Style


      I am doing layout for a computer book. There are paragraph styles for Tip, Caution, and Notes. We would like to add a small icon to the left of each of these paragraphs.


      Currently, I have this workflow:

      1) Place the text cursor at the start of the paragraph

      2) In Bridge, select the icon, do File, Place, In InDesign

      3) Select the image in InDesign

      4) Ctrl+Num 1 to apply an Object Style with the correct custom anchor settings to move the icon to the left of the paragraph

      5) Select the image. Copy

      6) Move to the next Caution paragraph and paste or paste

      7) Repeat from step 3


      Question: Although I have set the object style as the Default Text Frame Style and the Default Graphic Frame style, neither of those are applied automatically. Is there a way to make this workflow easier?


      I know that if I change the Text Wrap while nothing is selected, it will be used as the default in the future. But I can not find out to display the Anchored Object Options dialog box if an image is not selected. (Object, Anchored Object, Options is greyed out when an image is not selected).


      (I read in another thread that setting the default object style was added in version 5.5, and I am in 2015.1)


      Thank you