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    text layer deactivated but still showing


      Hi, I have a very weird bug when previewing a project and even when rendering it.


      when, in my composition no layer is active, the preview shows me a text layer from another AE project, as if it would have been cached (even though the cached has been emptied). What I though was just an (annoying) preview bug only, turned out to be a complete nightmare since the "ghost" text layer from another project is also visible in the rendered Quicktime! It doesn't matter which render settings I use, wether I restarted the computrer / AE, cleared the cache or even went to AE secret menu and forced the refresh every frame. A damn random text layer from another project gets itself on my current project.


      any help would be greatly appreciated.


      The bug appears on a Mac pro early 2008 Quad core intel 2 2.6 intel xeon

      Graphics Card: ATI HD 5770 1024mb

      Ram: 13gb

      AE version: CC 2015 13.5.1