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    Authorising Computers


      I want to authorise my laptop and then my Kobe ereader. The instructions say 'Click on Help' (in ADE) then ckick 'Authorise Computer', but when I click on Help, the Authorise Computer command is greyed out - i.e. nothing happens when I click on it. What am I doing wrong?

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          I have the same problem, but I get a bad device activation key message. I just spent an hour going through four different adobe departments on chat and they referred me to the forums because "the problem is not on their end." I have an adobe ID, it works, I cannot authorize the computer. I cannot un-authorize the computer. I have reinstalled, downloaded it through itunes, downloaded it from adobe. I am not the only one, I see.

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            BudleighBud Level 1

            I think (hope) I may have solved the problem. I found something in another thread to do with authorisations. I right-clicked the ADE entry in my list of programs and clicked on 'Run as Administrator'. It has since allowed me to authorise both my laptop and the Kobo ereader. I've also (fingers crossed) managed to borrow a library book and transfer it to the Kobo