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    Embending high quality pictures from Photoshop in inDesign - Colour Conversion




      I am years now using Adobe InDesign to produce a product catalogue for my company. Those products consist of bulbs, lambs, wires, extentions, tools and other electrical items.

      The process i take has result to have a really large file of Adobe In Design (10gb+) and my computer starts to run slow.

      The reason i have this size of file is that  i take pictures, i edit them with Photoshop and i save the as ".psd". Then i embend the files in the adobe InDesign file in order not to loose any of the quality. But because each psd file might reach up to 15mb i have this large file of InDesign,

      I know about not embeding the images to my ID file but i am afraid of loosing the quality when printing,

      I would like you to give me an advice if the way of building my product catalogue is good or if there is an easier and ligher for the computer way of doing that.


      Also, when exporting the InDesign file to Press Quality pdf print in order to print the catalogue, what is the output settings i have to choose in order to achieve the best color conversion?

      And what colour conversion shall i use for web use of images.


      Constantinos Hadjithomas