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    InDesign forces line break - don't know why

    Jessie-vp Level 1

      I'm quite a noob in InDesign so this is probably a noob question. I have a file from another designer to which I have to make some changes. Now for the life of me I cannot find why inDesign forces my sentence on the next line even though there is room in the text frame... I've so far applied basic paragraph style to remove any text attributes that could be applied but to no avail. I also tried a nonbreaking space (just forces the previous word on the next line) , checked for text wrap (it's on "ignore" in text frame options), and there are no tabs specified. The only thing that 'fixes' it is when I align the text to the baseline grid or make a new text frame and copy paste the text into it. But I just _really_ want to know what is causing this. Any ideas? Or is this a bug?