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    Load Movie from XML attribute Problem


      This is strange. My code works when Testing Movie, but it doesnt work when its Published. Would be so grateful for help.

      Im loading a subnav button and a link for that button from an XML doc.

      Maybe this is wrong, but since the button attribute in the XML element is a link, I inserted a MovieLoaderClass test within the XML.OnLoad to be sure the button loads first . Once it's initiated loading, then I can proceed to assign a LoadMovie link to the button such as "loadMovie(Cliplinks[0], holderclip)"

      This is working in test movie. But when I Publish, the Button appears but it is unclickable. The button should be responding to the "loadMovie(Cliplinks[0],holderclip)"

      Can someone be so kind a to help me determine what Im doing wrong?

      Thanks much!