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    Downgarde Robohelp from 2015 to Robohelp 10?



      I want to downgrade my Robohelp project from Robohelp 2015 to Robohelp 10. I was looking for information online, the only instruction I can find is below:

      1. Make a backup of the current project. Do not proceed unless you have a working backup.
      2. Find the .CPD file in the project directory and delete it.
      3. Open the .XPJ file with notepad or another text editor.
      4. On line 2, change the value of majorversion to the correct version:
      • For RoboHelp 11, change the majorversion to 6.
      • For RoboHelp 10, change the majorversion to 5.
      • For RoboHelp 9, change the majorversion to 4.

      <rhpml majorversion="4" minorversion="0">

      1. Save your .XPJ file.
      2. Open your RoboHelp project.

      However, I cannot find .XPJ files in the project folder.

      I can only see .APJ files.

      Please can someone help?