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    Lightroom activation impossible (no internet connexion) ?



      I'm french, sorry for the language mistakes...


      I was very happy with Lightroom 4.4, but I learned that I had to migrate to Lightroom cc, since the NEF files of my Nikon D750 weren't handled by the old version (!!)

      So I had to buy an update.

      But now, I can't use the new version because the activation is impossible... only because I don't have a connexion to the internet.

      And, no, there wasn't options to activate without connexion during the "7 days" (I already checked help pages like this one : Solutions to sign-in, activation, and connection errors with Creative Cloud and Creative Suite applications. )


      Anyway, now I'm livid, because I can't work, Lightroom refuses to open.

      I tried to find a telephone where I can ask some help to Adobe, didn't find one (for France). Is that possible that we CAN'T have a telephone contact for that kind of issue ??


      WHAT CAN I DO ??

      Thank you for your help. Very much.



      PS. I know, it's rare but it still exists places without internet connexion, and I feel it's more and more difficult to work without it.
      Right now, I'm on a friend's computer to ask this question. I hope there is an answer. Otherwise I'll ask a refund to Adobe and I'll find another software to work my photos.