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    Selected Text in Text Frame disappears in CS5 after updating to OSX El Capitan and installing Java


      I have been using inDesign Cs5 on the same 2010 MacBook Pro for a few years. I installed OSX El Capitan and, as with previous updates, the Java so Cs5 would run on the new software. Ever since the update, when I select text in a text frame, the selected text goes blank. If I unselect the text, and view in Presentation Mode, all of the text is visible, and then the text in the box is visible again once I exit presentation mode. This happens regardless of whether or not I am working on a text box from a master page, or a new text box. I have tried it on a new document, and on a document that existed pre-update, and it occurs on both files.


      It is not an issue of overset text, the text not fitting into the frame, or a paragraph style overwriting the text. The text is always there, it is just not visible when selected unless I move in and out of presentation mode.


      Anyone else running into this issue?