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    web browser control

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      web browser control, activeX

      i have an activeX (web browser control) into the director movie.
      is in fullscreen mode.
      the web browser control is loading (sprite(1).Navigate(url)) a htm. the htm contains links with target=_blank.

      i click one of these links, the iexplorer pop-up with the page from that url.
      i return to projector (without closing the iexplorer)
      i press the quit buton (on mouseUp - quit - end) on my projector and the projector freezes.

      if before pressing the quit button i close the iexplorer opened, it works...

      -i tried to go in a movie where there is no more sprite(1) - webcontrol and comand the quit there, but nothing
      -before quit i do exit and halt, still nothing...
      -i publish my projector with run in background toggled and untoggled

      anyone have problems like this? solved?