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    Green Screen Issues (Keylight)


      Hey guys! I'm currently working on a project right now that has greenscreening involved. I have a clip where it starts with a wide shot and then cuts to a extreme closeup shot... I am using keylight to chroma key my greenscreen. Anyways, during the cut from the WS to the ECS there is some sort of flashing orange color. I've attached an image here...


      Also, yes this does appear even when I have finished rendering.


      1) How do I get rid of this? It only happens in the transition from the angles (these are edited together on the same .mov file, not separate files)

      Image 1: The frame before the orange flash                                                                             Image 2: The orange flash                                                                                                 Image 3: Frame after flash


      2) There are also little white lines around his outline, how do I get rid of these?




      PS I'm using Creative Cloud 2014