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    Font issues when opening an InDesign CS document in CC2015


      I work for a major metro newspaper. We get our comics/advice pages from a service. They send us InDesign CS files. The reason they do that is because they also have to create pages for smaller papers that are still limited (by budget) in using earlier versions of InDesign. Asking them to send us the files in a higher version isn't possible (we've tried). I don't know what platform (Windows/Mac) they're using to create files, but it shouldn't matter.


      When I open the files in InDesign CC (2014 and 2015 have the same problem), the Find Font menu comes up. All of the fonts used in the document are "pinked out." I search for the first font listed and it comes up in brackets [Antenna]. Frustration ensues.


      The fonts are on my system in the standard Apple places and also in the InDesign Fonts folder. We do not use Suitcase or any other font utility other than Apple's Font Book.


      The only workarounds I've found are unsatisfactory, as they require what I see as unnecessary effort. They are:

      1. Open the files in InDesign CS6 (fortunately, I still have a copy)

      2. Open the files and save as IDML, then close. Then open the resulting IDML file. Fonts appear normally. Save as InDesign CC2015 file.


      Other threads I've seen have suggested that the "Search Entire Font Name" be turned on - it already was, in my case. I also tried renaming the "en-us" file, no joy. Disk permissions are all good.


      Mac 0SX, Version 10.9.5

      3.4 GHz Intel Core i7

      16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory


      There must be a better solution. Please advise.