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    Fake Flash Update - malaware risk?




      I just went to a website where I wanted to see a video. The screen (the video's window) told me that my Adobe Flash version was up-to date and so I clicked on the link and the installer started. However I noticed that no .dmg file was downloaded and at the end of the install the program did not ask me to close safari as it usually does.


      Since I cannot verify the nature of the website I got suspicious and I went on the Preferences to see if my version was update. Apparently mine is the last version. However I wanted to find an option where I could check the date and time of the last update to see if the update I got from that website was a true Adobe One or a fake (if the update time was 2 weeks ago it is clear that I downloaded a virus, on the other hand if the Adobe preferences tell me that my last update was done 30 mins ago I know I am fine).


      However I did not find anything like that and now I am wondering if I installed a malaware or not!


      Can you please help me out on understanding if I downloaded something dangerous?


      The version I got is the and I currently use a OSX Yosemite.


      Thank you very much in advance for any help you will provide me!