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    Import is making errors


      Well having excitedly finally purchased LR and installed it, the first few hours have been horrendous. Photoshop plugins not working, borderless printing not working but my first main problem is importing. I tried importing a folder with sub folders and a 2nd level of sub folders. On completion not all of the photos have been imported. A total of circa 800 were but circa 200 have been left behind. Even when I imported a subfolder with some subfolders that left about 60 behind. So I am stuck on the first hurdled; does anyone have some idea as to what might be happening?


      One folder imported all the tif files but none of the nef files- but this is not consistent; another sub folder had tif,nef and jpg files, and missing files.


      Also I cannot see on the display anywhere the name of the catalogue I am using (I have created two in addition to the default catalogue supplied). Is there a way of displaying it?