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    Student Licensing


      Good Afternoon,


      I'm a student aged 13 and im looking for the pricing for the student license... Lets say from now on, the prices will never change.

      For the first year, it would cost 19.99/month... for the second year... would be 19.99/ month if the pricing hasnt changed, or would it be the 49.99/month?




           Billy Ewles

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The pricing for student plans might change, just like the price for just about everything changes as time goes on.  As long as you qualify for the discounted student plan you can apply for it and pay the current student plan price, which has always been significantly lower than the full price.

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            ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Wewles,


            As Ned mentioned, the price is guaranteed one year at a time.  For students & teachers, the current first-year promotional offer is US$19.99/month, after which (for the second years and beyond) Adobe's regular discounted education rate is currently US$29.99/month.


            So education customers would not pay the full price you mentioned in any event, in the US or elsewhere.