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    Create an Index from a list of keywords

    jimoe-sma Level 1

      InDesign CC 2015

      Windows 8.1


      Our book has 31 chapters. We have a list of keywords, almost 200 words or phrases, we wish to have in the Index. How do I go about creating index markers in all of the chapters from the list of keywords?


      I have read the Index topic in the online help. It seems to indicate that the above is not possible, that it is necessary to open all documents in the book, select each keyword individually (with all variations of capitalization), use "Index/New Page Reference.../Add All" to create new references for the word or phrase.


      I have created a document that has the complete list of words/phrases, and have followed the docs to create entries in the index panel. That is, index markers have been added to the list document, but no others. This does not seem to help in finding all other references in the chapters of the book.