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    FX7 or GH4 for after effects?

    toac60227793 Level 1

      hello, I am planning to make a corporate video for our company. we doesn't have any video camera available


      We only have: SONY A57  with f 4.6 50mm lens (company owned) and a b with f1.2 35 mm lens  and with angle lens adapter (my personal DSLR but it's just good for pictures)

      well I am planning to rent or to buy another camera. I think 4k camera will be good right? But 4k is very slow in AFTER EFFECTS. anyway I succesfully made a 4k corporate video before by just using a dual core PC (to good I have a good workflow for 4k).


      is it better to buy a sony HDR-FX7 or is it better if I will buy a Panasonic lumix DMC- GH4 for corporate videos?

      FX7 is a professional 1080i camera, is it better than a 4k dslr?

      will FX7's video with AFTER EFFECT's detail preserving upscale be better than a GH4's 4k?

      and does a professional 1080 camera are better than a 4k non professional camera?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, there is no magic camera. You get what you pay for. Some DSLR's and even GoPro's shoot 4K and deliver some amazing footage but all compressed footage from inexpensive cameras come with their own set of idiosyncrasies. You've got rolling shutter, compression artifacts, and a bunch of other things to deal with. My suggestion would be to read the reviews, download some sample footage and if possible rent a camera for a production before you buy one. Shooting 4K with a consumer lens or even a built in lens that's not up to professional standards isn't going to give you that much of an advantage over shooting 1080 uncompressed using a professional lens. Purchasing Gear is just because you want to have it on hand is seldom a good idea for a business just starting out. Figuring out what you really want to do with your business takes a lot more than just picking out a camera.