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    Data merge doesn't unicode on InDesign CC2015 ?

    wklok Level 1

      I'm using InDesign CC 2015 (Traditional Chinese version). It didn't allow me to insert the data with unicode even I choose the unicode on the insert data option panel.

      Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 7.33.12 am.png

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          selfbuildtype Level 1

          Data Merge appears to be broken in the latest release of CC2015. See this thread for a few more people who have encountered the same thing:

          Data merge not working properly

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            Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

            There is unicode and there is unicode. When you look at your text in an application such as textwrangler, what kind of unicode file are you trying to import:


            Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.02.31 pm.png

            perhaps try some alternate versions and see how you go.

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              selfbuildtype Level 1

              I can't speak for the OP but my experience was that Unicode that doesn't work in CC2015 works correctly in CS6. In my case it was UTF-8.

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                Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

                In the OP's case I was able to create a fully functioning version. I made the following text file (and I apologise to any Mandarin speakers in advance if the words are incorrect):


                item    roughtrans    description    price
                炸花生    zha hua sheng    deep-friedpeanuts    6 
                五彩拉皮    wu cai la pi    cold dishwith glass noodles andveggies 6 
                拌花菜    ban hua cai    cold dish; carrots, cucumbers, peanuts, etc invinegar andhot sauce    8-10 
                杏仁瓜条    xing rengua tiao    Chinese almonds & cucumber strips    10 
                锅包肉    guo bao rou    sweet and sour pork    14 
                糖醋里脊    tang cu li ji    sweet and sour lean porkpieces    16 
                鱼香肉丝    yu xiang rou si    “fish smelling pork”; no relationship to fish, a littlespicy with someveggies    16 
                宫包肉丁    gong bao rou ding spicyporkusu. w/ peanuts &carrots    16 
                京酱肉丝    jing jiang rou si    saucymeaton a bed of Chinese onions    14 
                排骨    pai gu    ribs (come in avarietyof styles)    8-16 
                水煮肉片    shui zhu roupian    Sichuan specialty;porkin a spicy soup base with somegreens    16-18    
                宫包鸡丁    gong bao jiding    spicychicken w/peanuts & carrots    16 
                鱼香鸡条    yu xiang ji tiao    fish smelling chicken; see above    14 
                软炸鸡条    ruan zha ji tiao    breaded, deep-fried chicken strips    14 
                辣子鸡丁    la zi ji ding    very spicychicken dish    16 
                铁板鸡片    tie ban ji pian    chicken andonions on asizzlingskillet    18-22 
                咖哩鸡    ga li ji    curry chicken (usually mild curry)    16 
                腰果鸡丁    yaoguo ji ding    chicken and cashews    22-26    
                铁板牛肉    tie ban niu rou    beef and onionson a sizzling skillet    20 
                干煸牛肉丝    gan bianniu rou si    fried, crispy beef strips; spicy    18 
                咖哩牛肉    ga li niu rou    currybeef    18 
                孜然牛肉    zi ran niurou    deep fried beefwith cumin    18 
                黑胡椒牛肉    hei hu jiao niu rou    black pepperbeef    16-20 
                红烧牛肉    hong shao niurou    beefbraised in brownsauce    16 


                This was then saved in textwrangler on a mac using UTF-16 settings. It was then made as a data merge by using the select data source from the Data Merge palette. I've used the font "sim sun" for the chinese characters and minion pro for the rest, and returned the following:



                Seems to be working here. Admittedly, Data Merge and languages are not my strong point, but this topic has been discussed on the forums before: Importing CSV file with Data Merge Fails

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                  Gaurav Bhargava Adobe Employee

                  DataMerge supports Unicode (UTF-16) & may not work correctly with Unicode (UTF-8). Which encoding are you trying to import - UTF-16 or UTF-8? If it's UTF-16 & Data Merge is not able to import the content properly then can you please share the file ( or subset of the file)?