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    LR catalog lost links to image files when I moved my boot drive to an external (Mac OS X)


      Here's what I've done:

      1. Backed up my boot drive to an external.
      2. Clean install of OS X on my internal drive.
      3. Reinstalled Lightroom on my internal drive.

      Now I've lost the links between the image thumbnails in my catalog and the original images. A question mark now appears on every thumbnail!


      It looks like the problem is that all the image file locations start with "/users/firstname/Pictures/Lightroom Album/...", but I changed my account username to "firstnamelastname".


      Can I redefine the directory structure/path for all the images in a catalog at once? Or some way that I can trick Lightroom into looking in "/users/firstnamelastname/Pictures/..." instead?


      I can't even begin to contemplate manually going through 23,000 images to locate the files on my new internal drive. Help!


      I'm using LR 2.7 on Mac OS X 10.6.8.