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    Double click to expand/collapse stacks (+ slow and unstable)


      Hi Adobe,


      The feature where you "double click" to expand/collapse stacks is not working in Lightroom CC since I've upgraded from LR 5.7.1


      I had hope it would be fix in the 2015.2 release but it was not...


      Please fix that, it's such a loss of valuable time to have to use a "right click" menu to do that... And yes I know about the letter "S" shortcut but it's only working in the Library Module not in the Develop Module... "S" in Develop Module is for Soft Proofing.


      And to be honest the 2015.2 release of Lightroom CC is probably the worst since I've been using Lightroom 3...  Now, it's slow and unstable and there's a lot of missing options from the new Import dialog like the "Eject Card" option.


      Lightroom 5.7.1 used to work well but that whole Lightroom CC (6) is a mess since the beginning... We don't need new features. We need STABILITY and SPEED and also our DATA (catalog and pictures) needs to be SAFE!!!

      I'm sorry to sound so harsh but I am really an unhappy paying customer right now...