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    Cannot get Edge Commons v1.4 Spotlight working in EdgeCC 2015

    Ian750 Level 1

      After some time and following examples for Edge Commons Spotlight, cannot get it to run.  No response on screen. Several others have reported issues, have tried solutions recommended still with no success.  Curious if a solution may be known (or if waiting for EC V2.0) Thank you



      // insert code to be run when the symbol is created here

      yepnope({nope:[ 'js/EdgeCommons.js',



                          ],complete: init});

      function init (){




      //click event on button

      // insert code for mouse click here

      // Open image in spotlight overlay

          // Set up configuration

          var config = {

              width: 360,

            height: 140,

              borderWidth: 5,

              borderColor: "#FFF",    

            type: "image",

            source: "images/helpers.png"


          EC.Spotlight.open( config );