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    Import stopped, low device storage

    kaseyk95060412 Level 1

      I have been using Lightroom Mobile for iPad for over 2 years and this issue has been a constant problem that I finally needed to ask around.


      -Here's what's going on right now at this very moment... Only 105 photos are in my "Camera Roll" on the iPad.  Nothing in the photo stream, recently deleted or the shared folders.  No other app besides the Lightroom Mobile is downloaded on the iPad. 


      -I have the Lightroom Mobile app open and have 2 collections made.  1 collection has 8 photos and the 2nd has only 1. As I am trying to upload the photos from the 105 in my camera roll it pops up and says "Import stopped, low device storage."


      This happens quite often and am forced to sign off, restart iPad sometime delete and download app again but it's like it has a mind of it's own.  Other days I am able to upload 500 photos to the Lightroom Mobile with no problem and with the same as above.  Can anyone tell me why it does this or what I can do?  Its quite frustrating when I use this as my editing app for my photography and pretty much slows me down on waiting.  Any apps that are great to use for photography editing??