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    PDF accessibility process

    solution justifier

      Am working on a PDF accessibility process which consists of following steps:

      -          MS Word 2010 to tagged PDF conversion

      -          Touch most sections of PDF like headers & footer (because these are artefacts) to make it active and readable

      -          Add ALT text for special Symbols so that it is read out

      -          Handle few blank page scenarios inserted due to section breaks

      -          Table of contents handling like making leader not readable

      -          Removing empty tags

      -          Reading order fixes

      Basically all of these are achieved through manual effort and remediation steps, as at times the PDF document pages runs into more than 100+; and the manual effort is time consuming plus expensive am in look out for possible solution, thinking about if these could be automated (all or any of these steps) with either coding effort or scripting solution if any

      Any help and direction in this regards are greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!

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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          As a first step, I would check out the tools that are available. For creation of tagged PDF from Word check out axesPDF from Accessible PDF simply done! - Home - axes4 - it should address almost everything that you run into when starting from Word files. I am not sure how useful the CommonLook tools from NetCentric are, they are a bit idiosyncratic when asked for access to a trial version, so I haven't tried their stuff.

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            a C student Level 3

            Hi SJ,


            Olaf makes a great suggestion. axesPDF QuickFix and NetCentric CommonLook Global Access are both very capable tool sets for automating many PDF accessibility tasks. I recommend  evaluating both to see if one or both is right for you. CommonLook uses a wizard approach, which may seem a bit condescending, but excels at remediating complex tables. QuickFix uses more of a "toolbox" approach, which I prefer. Being advanced commercial tools, both come at a price.


            a 'C' student

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              solution justifier Level 1

              Hi All,


              Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions , In fact all the suggestions given above will involve again a manual work and I have tried with this all possibilities before I post it here. Any how thanks once again for spending your valuable time for me.


              Thanks& Regards,

              Solution Justifier.

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                murrjames Level 1

                Hi Sol Justifier, the fact is making a PDF accessible is a lot of work, manual. I do forms and static documents, the worst is lists where you have to make all the tags manually.

                Unless of course the Word Doc is first made accessible, then convert to PDF as Accessible, that helps alot.


                In the 3 or 4 years I have been doing it, I have never seen a PDF that does not need a lot of work.


                I spent 2 weeks doing an 80 page pdf for the city, it does get better as you go, you will find shortcuts.


                For example, it may be easier if you have lists or large tables in more than one area, to copy the first set then paste it to another area, then you just change the name, but either way, labor intensive.


                Just be glad you do not use livecycle.