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    Re: Creative Cloud not working since I upgraded to El Capitan. Any suggestions?

    Just a kid from PEC

      Im having a similar issue, I have a brand new 27" i5 5k 24gb ram, 2gb ram graphics card. Recently updated the OS to EI Capitan and all my adobe cc programs are up to date. Lightroom is crashing every time while trying to perform any task (import,export to photoshop, use of plugins.. etc) I cannot get any work done, as it crashed within seconds. Time is money, not being able to use a product I pay for, and rely on for my workflow everyday is very inconvenient. Also a bug when I put my iMac to sleep, I cant enter my password or it enters an incorrect one for me automatically upon entering one key. This is also very frustrating as I have to hold the power button down to force my iMac to shut down, than power it back up to get the login screen working properly again.