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    How to remove a java script pop up

      I imported a robohelp document from another company and i am catering it to my company's needs. The problem is they have popups which refer to .bmp and it is in java script. If i highlight the word which has the pop up and remove the popup and then highlight the normal word again and refer it to my topic in the project manger; it still refers to their image and not mine. It is strange but true. I don't know how to remove the java script cos each time i hover over the highlighted text there are 2 red squares on the left and right hand side of the word highlighted which i want to change from their image to mine.
      Any help would be much appreciated .
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          This sounds like when you remove the popup that there is still some reference to the javascript left. Without knowing exactly how the previous author added the popups it is hard to say what the best way forward is. If you are comfortable in the Truecode, you could manually remove the reference to the javascript. Alternatively, click on the red boxes and delete them. Before you do anything thoug, take a backup so you can revert back if you hit problems.
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            rr336 Level 1
            I tried deleting the red squares but still when i saw the topic in vew mode the word was still pointing to their image and not mine but the bizarre part was when i hovered over the word it showed my link to the page which i pointed to in the project manager .
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              As I said, I suspect that there is still some reference to the script in the Truecode. Have a look there and post back.
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                rr336 Level 1
                please take a look at this

                on the <b style="font-weight: normal;">Environmental Consequence</b> window
                captures and displays information that you reported to a governmental
                agency, police, rescue center, or internal company sources. </p>
                <div class=droptext id=POPUP286607275 x-ss-type=dropdown style="display: none;">
                <p class=Graphic style="margin-left: 0in;"><img src="agency_notification_tab.bmp"
                x-maintain-ratio=TRUE class=img_whs2 style="width: 1108px; height: 120px; border-style: none; border-style: none;"
                width=1108 height=120 border=0></p>
                <p class=Body>The following is a description of some of the fields that
                display on the <b style="font-weight: normal;">Agency Notification</b> tab:</p>
                <ul class=whs3 style="list-style: disc;" type=disc>
                <li class=p-BulletedList1><p class=BulletedList1><b style="font-weight: bold;">Reported
                By</b> - Person who reported the incident to an agency or organization.</p></li>
                <li class=p-BulletedList1><p class=BulletedList1><b style="font-weight: bold;">Agencies
                Notified</b> - Agencies or organizations notified about the incident.</p></li>
                <li class=p-BulletedList1><p class=BulletedList1><b style="font-weight: bold;">Contact</b>
                - Contact person at the notified agency or organization.</p></li>
                <li class=p-BulletedList1><p class=BulletedList1><b style="font-weight: bold;">Notify
                Date</b> - Date the agency was notified.</p></li>
                <li class=p-BulletedList1><p class=BulletedList1><span style="font-weight: bold;">Comment/Report
                Number</span> - This field can be used to record any comments, notes,
                agency report/case numbers associated with the agency notification. </p></li>
                <p class=TableText><a href="javascript:void(0);" onClick="var e; if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion)>=4){e=event;} if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >=2 &amp;&amp; typeof(PopupMenu_Invoke) == 'function') PopupMenu_Invoke(e,'','Action Buttons','../../03_Getting_Started_files/Action_Buttons.htm','Adding a Row','../../03_Getting_Started_files/Adding_Row.htm','Adding Text Entries','../../03_Getting_Started_files/Adding_Text_Entries.htm','Deleting a Row','../../03_Getting_Started_files/Deleting_Rows.htm','Environmental Consequence Record','EC_Environmental_Consequence_Record.htm','Searching by Personnel ID','../../03_Getting_Started_files/Searching_by_Personnel_ID.htm','Selecting the Time','../../03_Getting_Started_files/Selecting_Time.htm');return false"
                title="Related Topics" id=a2 style="position: relative;"><img src="../../ss_btn_related_topics1.gif"
                alt="Related Topics" style="width: 81px; height: 17px; border-style: none; border-style: none;"
                width=81 height=17 border=0></a><robohelp><script type="text/javascript"
                <script language=javascript1.2 type="text/javascript"><!--

                if you could paste this code on your word doc and try to search for .bmp it exactly shows where it is used i tried removing that line but it acted strange as even when i added a pop up to a word it does not show anything in the view mode.