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    Composition Renders A Black Screen


      Hi there, I've been working on a video assignment for the past couple of days. I was rendering a part of my video, and when it finished I opened the file and all it showed was a black screen... I was rendering videos fine like 20 minutes before, so I don't know what went wrong. I was looking around others with the same issue, and people said it was a codec thing. I'm not sure what this is and if it applies to my composition. In my composition I do have mp4 clips and a jpg image.


      AE VERSION: CC 2014


      RENDER SETTINGS: Lossless, Format: AVI


      This is a video for a school assignment due in 3 days, so a response is urgently needed! Please!

      EDIT: All mp4 files in the composition were changed to mov files, still receiving a black video upon rendering.