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    After Effects how to use??

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      I bought adobe After Effects did not do anything good for me ... no not once becomes obsolete before you begin to try it and generally comes with no worthwhile projects or  considerable objectives ... why not??  Lynda study does not help at all ...


      I then requested 30 days of adobe cloud ... well really what good is that ... tried it for thirty (30) days and found that I could not see any difference cloud in or out ... after hurricane Sandy had to pick up about a ton of stick logs and Debris ... no fun there why do you sell adobe cloud but not promote the features of cloud in any useful way??


      the play between After  Effects and adobe cloud stinks ... there is not an operability as you claim instead you still insist I should buy all software why is result so far from adobes claim that they will update your software??

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          DnlsIndiana wrote:


          I bought adobe After Effects did not do anything good for me

          I'm guessing ESL?  It's very difficult to understand what you're actually asking about, but let me take a shot at it.  Ae isn't a toy.  It is immensely capable and powerful, and quite challenging to learn.  I generally have found it easier to learn things by doing them, and as such: I invented a challenge for myself and then looked to YouTube or other online sources to teach me how to do that.  While completing my challenges, I've found Ae to be incredibly capable, but also a bit (ok, a lot) confusing.  I bet that a properly or classically trained effects person would have a much easier time picking Ae up than a neophyte like myself.


          I can't teach you anything about Ae as I don't know enough.  Look to YouTube to help, or ask folks here (in the correct forum).

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What do you expect After Effects to do for you? AE is a tool that requires training. You use it to add layers of effects and motion to video. To learn how to do that takes time and effort because nothing in AE is automatic. To start learning check out these three tutorials: Basic Workflow

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Well, if the Lynda training didn't do any good for you, maybe After Effects isn't the application for you.