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    Transfer my Lightroom5 from mac to surface pro three


      I purchased Lightroom 5 and I have it on my Mac mini. I purchased it outright, not the monthly offering with Photoshop. I want to get a  Microsoft surface Pro 3  and load light room five on it so I can do photo processing while out of town. First of all is the surface pro three together with their pen  accurate enough to do selections at Cetera. I was thinking of getting the iPad Pro but you cannot load Lightroom directly on that from what I understand.  I was pretty sure that light room allowed me to have a copy on both my home machine and a portable unit. If so how do I get it onto the surface Pro three which is a Microsoft operating system and not a Mac operating system and would there be any charge? Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide. This forum  it's a lifesaver.


      Please copy any answer to rayseligman@gmail.com. Thank you