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    Lightroom 5.7.1, Brush not working & Trouble contacting Adobe Support


      Having bought lightroom for a mac, the brush option does not work. I know lots of people have the problem. Have spent hours on internet trying to find support contact details. Adobe's web site sends you round and round in circles, with no contact details anywhere.


      This is an international and such  a major company whose software is so well used by most people throughout the world.


      Why should such a company demand such high prices for it's products and provide NO support at all? Every item bought by law has a guarantee and support. But if you can't contact them after having paid up what do you do?


      Adobe Chief Exec --- get off your backside and respect your customers. Give support and give all contact details easily accessible to all customers.


      Or are you going to keep producing and charging for products that do not work?